Pulp Fiction Muppets

Jules: “This blog is in a desolate condition and it needs a new shepherd.” Vince: “Yeah bro, or a tasty burger…” *multiple gunshots* Move it now. http://www.ihad.de is where the real action takes place!

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Hello blog world! WPing!

Welcome to my WordPress.com blog! Test driving the latest wp code and loving it! Resizable WySIWYG editor. Cool beans. Collapsable options, integrated image basket! This is just great stuff. Must test further…

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“ihad” as an acronym has many meanings and most of them are just made up at random but intertextual hybris and devolution are the stigma of today’s society so I don’t even start to claim originality for “text” that has already been written or otherwise brought into existence a million times before drawn from the ever limited pool of origin.

About this blog there is just so much to say that it is a fashion statement and a choice, one that I can recommend anyone to follow who considers to take up the virtual pen and blog.



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